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Good evening Little Ones, I've just settled down from sweating profusely at the gym ... Arm days are the absolute worst! Maybe because I have next to no arm muscles, but we are getting there Little Ones, slowly but surely!
Anyhow, it's been a minute since I've done a first impressions, and never before have I written about nail polish, simply because I stick to the same old brands ... But Chris treated me randomly to Chanel nail polish! I've never owned such an expensive polish before, but let's dive into application, longevity, is it worth it?
If that's something that sounds exciting, scroll below! 
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Chanel, this is what I'm talking about ... I know I dug at you a little on my previous blog post, but here you are sticking to traditional routes, glass bottles, can I get an amen!
This has to be the most beautiful nail polish component I've ever laid my eyes upon, and I've even had the pleasure to witness Christian Louboutin's creations; but simplicity overall wins. 
Yes, having a nail polish that could slay your enemies is fantastic, but stay classy with Chanel, the overly bold lid, with the ever so iconic Chanel logo remains beautiful. 
The design remains consistent throughout, for example, the lid screams bulky as well as the square glass container that follows. 
Detail is key, Chanel evidently keeps that in the back of their mind as they make their smallest products feel like a treasure for each consumer. 
Unlike other nail polish, Chanel decided to remain innovative by positioning the phrase, 'le vernis' on the centre of the bottle, it actually translates to nail polish; some of which other make-up companies wouldn't do. 
Seeing that Chanel was founded in Paris, and remains a French brand, I adore the fact that they continue to stay within their routes.    
With their entire nail polish range, all the colours shine beautifully, there is so much space provided, there is no need for prolonged synonym for perfect, plain and simple, just how I like it.     


Where to start? Maybe the shade name? Rouge red, now application time! Firstly, the brush provided is fantastic, small enough to fit into the cuticles, but big enough to apply an even distribution of product. 
When I initially applied the polish I was shocked by how much pigment followed, it wasn't streaky, didn't bubble and went on evenly. 
But, with such a high price point that's what I expected!
The colour is true to what it looks like in the bottle, (I know some products portray one colour, but translate differently when applied to the nail).
Which is fantastic! If you are considering what colour to purchase at least you know what you are getting yourself into, no cat-fishing going on here. 
I can't fault the colour, absolutely enchanting, such a classy bright red ... Makes me feel powerful and sexy! 
Once I've painted my nails, I feel like I can achieve anything and everything ... This red makes me feel and act confident!
Although, here is the kicker ... Goes on like a dream, colour is dreamy, but this takes such a long time to dry!
I don't mind painting my nails and waiting an hour, when I normally do my nails I'm watching a film, that way I give it more than enough time, so I can get on with the rest of my day. 
But no ... This nail polish proceeded to anger me! After waiting an hour, and having applied only 2 thin layers I thought it was time to move on. 
I barely touched the corner, and smudge city ... Believe me, I have patience, but that's where I draw the line. 
I have places to go Chanel, stop taking my time away by forcing me to wait more than an hour to let my nails dry!
It took a total of 2 hours before I felt confident doing anything relatively challenging with my hands ... Which is so frustrating. 
Finally, once this beauty has dried down the finish is phenomenal, shiny healthy looking nails, the amount of compliments I received, "where did you get your nails done"?, "Such a beautiful colour, what brand is it"?


It all comes down to a hearty price of, £22 ... Damn, I've never spent this much money on a nail polish, and I still haven't, as this was a random act of kindness from my beloved fiance. 
Would I personally spend £22 ... I think I would yes, due to the fact after wearing this nail polish for a couple of days, it still hasn't chipped, the colour is gorgeous, (you could get away with 1 application). 
The drying situation is throwing me off, but I used to get my nails done once a month, that averagely cost around, £30-35 each month, whereas if I spend £22 on one nail polish, I'm sorted for a couple of months. 
It's all up to you and what you want to spend your money on, for me personally it's worth the cash, but if it's not for you; there are some great shades by Essie. 
If you are interested in this particular product click the link below, saves you from searching the internet. 
I hope you liked this read, I sure loved writing it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend while it lasts. 
I love you all very much, I will see you again tomorrow with another photo shoot explanation!
Remember to stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! :) x x x

Chanel longwear nail polish:

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Welcome back Little Ones! Could you have guessed that it was exam season? I have finally put together a secure timetable which enables me to: write blog posts, film videos, model, revise as well as learn to drive!
Yes, I’ve picked up driving, would you believe that I’ve just found the time to drive?
Anyhow, I’m sorry that I've left you in the dark for a couple of weeks, believe me it’s not been a barrel of laughs; but I’m back in business and ready to give you a review!
I’ve accomplished so much, but to edge back into blogging I thought I would start off simple and give you a beloved review!
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Let’s face it, we all know that Chanel implements marvellous packing, which is why I was heavily disappointed when I saw this component … Yes, I know, packing isn’t everything, but when you are paying a large sum of money for a foundation, you best be mighty fine! 
It didn’t knock my socks off, when I emulate Chanel in my mind, pure sophistication and opulence runs through my veins, when I was face to face with this component, I never expected a plastic squeeze tube for my foundation … Especially from Chanel. 
Convenient? Tick, you can access the correct amount of foundation, no risk of spilling … But there’s also another mechanism which has been invented … A pump, why could there not have been a pump in a matt glass bottle? Why did you stoop so low Chanel? It’s not like your entire foundation line have been pumped into plastic bottles, your le teint ultra tenue comes in a matt bottle … With a pump?

Points for experimenting but stick to what you know.
I’m aware that some of you may be thinking, “wow, she’s overreacting, and completely snobby” … I’m all for drugstore foundations, Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation is fantastic, great shade range, longevity, and only £7.99 … And guess what, it comes in a glass bottle, but even if it didn’t I wouldn’t care … Because it's only £7.99.


Chanel, the contents inside the bottle is pure brilliance, initially when you squeeze the foundation out of the tube, you are met with a creamy consistency, not too thick that it’s going to bury your pores alive, but not too watery where it slides all over the place.
It’s the Goldilocks of foundation consistency … Now that we’ve established that the texture is perfect, let’s get onto how this product applies.
Traditionally, I always prep my skin with my beloved Origins moisturiser, as well as the YSL secrets primer, after that’s sunk into the skin, I applied the Chanel foundation with my beauty blender, the more I buffed into the skin, the more I fell in love with this product.
My skin appeared radiant, healthy and goddess like … My skin looked like real skin, I know that sounds bizarre, but some foundations place a weird film over your face, which makes your skin beneath the makeup appear fake, (not the look I’m going for).
I was pleasantly surprised that not only was this foundation medium coverage, but I could build the coverage without the product appearing blotchy or greasy.
I’m the type of woman that adores natural makeup, I want luminous skin without my redness starring in the show, is that too much to ask for?
Anyhow, after I’d finished applying the foundation, I couldn’t believe how beautiful my skin was … I’m not a confident person, nor do I like my appearance, but I can confidently state that was skin was perfect.
The foundation covered everything I wanted, while still letting my natural skin shine through.
Something I should mention, I have very dry skin … When I purchase a foundation, I need it to moisturise my skin, and not settle in my dry patches, as soon as a foundation highlights my dry skin; it goes flying into the bin.
Luckily enough, this foundation aided my dry skin, making it look better than ever, the longevity of this product is insane, for a hydrating product I made it to the 8-hour mark before having to touch up, and even then, it still looked reasonably presentable.
Lastly, before you use this product each time you have to shake it, otherwise the product settles at the bottom and it comes out curdled … Doesn’t look pretty, but as long as you shake prior to application nothing will go wrong.
All in all, if you want luminous skin I would highly recommend this product, lasts such a long time, doesn’t settle in my dry patches, and the shade range is fantastic … I’m exceedingly pale, and the lightest shade (10 beige) couldn’t suit my complexion better. 


If you’ve come here expecting a budget foundation, unfortunately this isn’t the review or product for you … The vitalumiere aqua foundation retails for a total of, £37.
Yes … I know, it’s expensive, but I’m the type of consumer that would pay extra if it meets all my requirements.
This foundation executed perfectly, I couldn’t have asked for a better product, it’s now my current favourite and I have no idea how any other product is going to top this one.
Seeing that it matched my skin complexion, lasted all day, and made my skin look radiant … It’s a win in my books.
I have no idea how this would turn out for someone with oily skin, it may just slide off? I have no idea, but what I do know, is that if you suffer with stubborn dry skin, this is the foundation for you.
I know this isn’t the most affordable foundation, but I do have other drugstore alternatives, I’ll be listing and giving a detailed review, on the best drugstore foundations … And yes, that will be arriving in the week.
If you are interested in this product I will leave the link below for you, saves you typing it!

Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation link:

Thank you for getting this far, I know my reviews are always lengthy, but I want you guys to leave with as much information as possible.
There’s nothing worse than buying a product after reading a few short reviews, and finding out it doesn’t work … I’ve been there and it’s extremely frustrating.
Let me know what you would like me to write next, I’m always up for suggestions, if not then I will control the reins and post whatever comes to mind.
I hope you have a lovely day, I’m just about to head to work!
I love you all so very much, thank you for reading! I will see you in the next blog post! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! :) x x x

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Thursday, 8 March 2018



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Good afternoon Little Ones, (not really the afternoon, I'm writing this the day before my 21st birthday, in the hope I post it before I run out the door, no promises though, eventually this will make it to you).
Some of you may be aware that I work for Hush ... And if not, you know now. If you are familiar with the brand, a new store has launched in Welwyn Garden City, and luckily enough, I am the brand consultant for that specific store, (very pleased).
You know where this is headed, if you fancy glancing at several montages of photographs of the store go ahead and take a scroll; if not this isn't the post for you.
For my fellow Hush fanatics, enjoy the read and stay tuned for launch updates.


Now that's all out the way, scroll away!
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Once upon a time, Mandy, (founder of Hush), wondered into her kitchen and took to her laptop, ideas spiralled in her mind, ambition became her best-friend. Her dream of creating her very own chic clothing brand came to life in 2003.
15 year later and the brand remains stronger than ever, now with (number of stores), and 10 more due to launch later this year, Hush is climbing to the top. 
If you didn't already know, Hush is a concession store within John Lewis, meaning that Hush is exclusive to only John Lewis, as well as the occasional pop-up shop. 
If you don't fancy popping into the store, there is always online; as that's where the story begun. 
The most common questions I receive from customers is, "will there ever be an independent Hush store"? It doesn't seem that way, we are comfortable situated within John Lewis, but never say never ... You never know what will happen in years to come. 
What else is there to be said? If you are a comfort fanatic, get online, (or in store) and check us out, I promise we don't bite.


Knock knock, guess who's arrived in your local John Lewis, Hush has! I've received nothing but uplifting comments, which go along the lines of, "I'm so glad Hush is finally here, such a lovely brand". It was time for a change, instead of staying submerged in London, Hush decided to branch out and achieve bigger and better things.
2018 has been a massive milestone for Hush, already opening 5 brand new stores, being: Welwyn Garden City, Cambridge, Brent Cross, Liverpool and Glasgow. As mentioned previously, Hush isn't going to stop there, by the end of the year, they are going to have at least 10 more store openings ... How exciting!
Why Welwyn Garden City? Some people may assume that Welwyn is already too close to London, therefore does it fall into the London category? Technically no, as travelling 20 minutes can be a pain, why head into London, when there is a perfectly good store right at your doorstep?
Needless to say, the demographic is perfect, yummy mummies everywhere, besides, Welwyn needed something new fresh and uplifting.
If you have no idea where we are in John Lewis, have no fear, we are in the women's department, placed right beside the till, (now that's a hot spot). Don't be afraid to pop by, I would love to see what you think of the brand!


Spring is finally here, the snow has disintegrated, (thankfully), say goodbye to bulky knits, and hello to, crisp, vivid and invigorating spring styles. What does that entail? Well, I'm not one to spoil surprises, but expect: flowing skirts, enchanting dresses and comfortable classical shirts. 
Don't worry if you are itching to find out, this all drops on March 6th ... Yes tomorrow! Why not pay Hush a visit? Watch the collection come to life, you may even find something you fancy. 


Since working at Hush, I've managed to be lucky enough to receive clothing for uniform, evidently it's a way of promoting the clothing, but it gives me a better understanding of how the clothing makes me feel, and how I can sell a particular product. 
I've also established particular pieces of clothing that I've fallen in love with, three of those items being: 


Jumpsuits ... For a petite woman, you must be out of your mind, (that's what I thought when I was met with this product). 
I had no issues with the design elements, the choice of the stunning sapphire blue would compliment most skin tones, besides it goes with pretty much anything you own. 
When I wiggled into the jumpsuit, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror, it sat in all the right places, enhancing my curves, (which I didn't think was possible). Comfort galore, if I could wear anything for the rest of my life, this would be it!
Ultimately, this is my favourite, and I couldn't recommend it enough. Feeling lazy, or in a rush? Hop into this jumpsuit, and you are on the way to success. 
You don't have to worry about matching this and that, it's a fashionable all-in-one. 
My favourite features about this wonder, would have to be the deep pockets in the front ... And yes, they are useful! You can actually place your phone in these pockets, and not have to worry about it falling out; just to emphasises, I have an iPhone 7 Plus, and it's snug, it's never fallen out, (touch wood).
But Amy, what makes this different from all the other jumpsuits? Rayon ... This jumpsuit is made from 100% rayon, what is that you may ask? 
Let's jump into some science shall we? Rayon was the first man-made fibre, composed of regenerated and purified cellulose derived from plant sources. This is the fundamental replacement for silk, some individuals may not tell the difference. 
This is what makes this jumpsuit special, the textures are unbelievably soft, and doesn't agitate any skin allergies you may have. Another benefit with Rayon, it doesn't bobble, or shrink in the wash, which means no worrying about how many times you can throw it in the washing-machine. 


Isn't this jolly? OK, we've established that I'm not entirely funny, but these trousers are super trendy. Just like the jumpsuit, it's something I normally wouldn't go for, as the style element is too flared, but I adore the navy blue, and the bright green. 
I find the contrast makes this entire product stand out from other basic trousers, I tried these on when we launched my concession store, and I never looked back. I'm itching to purchase these trousers, but there are talks about receiving them for uniform, (so I'm holding fire).
Don't expect these trousers to show off your assets, as they aren't fitted ... But, you can expect to be drowned in perfect comfort. Every step you take, feels like you are walking on clouds.
Being self-conscious with my body, these trousers hide what I hate, and make me feel confident, I don't have to worry about my legs; you won't be able to see them, the flare causes an illusion. 
Just focus on feeling fabulous, I love these trousers, and would at least advice for you to try them on! 
Amy, what is the secret to feeling magnificent? Viscose darling ... viscose is a type of rayon (which is what the jumpsuit is made from), it's made from rayon and cellophane, which makes it soft to the touch, as well as, breathable, high absorbent and light. Hence why you feel like you are walking on clouds. 

There are other pieces of clothing I adore, but if I had to pick my ultimate ride-or-die, it would be these two items here. 
I can't wait to see what the new spring collection brings, I've seen snippets and I can't wait to share it with you lovely people tomorrow! Yes, the launch is tomorrow!
If you are interested in the items you have seen above, I will provide a direct link to the website below, or you can come into store and try them on! 
If you do have any questions regarding products, let me know in the comment section down below, social media, or pop into store!

I hope you enjoyed the read! This is now the end of the blog post, I will see you again tomorrow with something slightly different! 
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned Little Ones! :) x x x 

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Good evening Little Ones, time for an old-fashioned first impressions! It's been a while since I've conducted one of these, (due to the fact I'm impatient and dive into products too quickly). But seeing that I've managed to obtain such self-restraint, here we are ... With a brand I have never mentioned on this blog before, say hello to the endearing, Tom Ford.
If you wish to find out my first impressions scroll away! Admire the gorgeous photography!
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Love at first sight. The reflective crocodile exterior is extraordinary. Professionalism, seductive and dangerous, I felt empowered in the presence of such beauty. Tom Ford, (slow clapping), I hold my hat to you, the simplistic elegant design had me melting, and I hadn't yet freed the lipstick. 
As soon as I unveiled the prize within, I was shocked, I never thought a beauty product could be this breath-taking. 
Delicate, vulnerable and beautiful, it feels like a crime to ruin such an iconic piece of make-up. Everything down to Tom Ford's initial on the tip of the lipstick, makes every penny you spent on this wonder worth it. The memorising golden parallel lines submerging around the lipstick, almost acting as a barrier screams grace. Such a simple design, but being uncomplicated in this circumstance is paying off.  
Just gazing at this product gives me high hopes that the performance is just as thrilling, who else would create such a wonderful package that didn't stay consistent with appearances? 


Let's begin with application. Glided on like a dream, didn't tug at my lips, one swipe and my eyes witnessed intense pigmentation; which shocked me with such an innocent shade. 
The knife-like applicator made it exceedingly easy to reach the sides of my mouth, as well as carving out my cupid-bow. The more I applied the more I fell in love with this lipstick. 
A few moments past and I could see the formula drying down into velvet, it was soft to touch and didn't transfer, (I knew this was going to be a great lipstick). 
The colour is flattering, which I didn't think was possible on my skin-tone, me and pink don't normally get along. 
The hours ticked by, I applied this beauty 7 hours ago and it's still on my lips, I've drank out of fresh-juice bottles, eaten noodles, (which are extremely messy), and this bad-boy has stuck its ground. 
Needless to say, this is a fantastic performer. 
Is my bank account going to hate me? Yes, do I have more shades arriving? yes again. 
Before I forget, the shade name is, Age of consent, why wouldn't you want this shade?


Yes, the price is a kick in the teeth, there is no denying that ... £40 is dear. But, I'm a make-up collector, more specifically in lipsticks, I'm obsessed, it's OK, please don't send help. 
With lipsticks, paying the higher price is always worth it, I'm not saying Maybelline isn't fantastic, because I adore their matte range. 
But I want longevity with a lipstick, this is where my higher-end range kicks in ... This lipstick has lasted 7 hours, and could last more. None of my drugstore lipsticks have managed to last that long. 
Yes, you're paying for the name, but you are also paying for quality. 
If you want a lipstick that's going to stay by your side, count Tom Ford in. 

If you don't have the coin for Tom Ford, there are plenty of cheaper options out there! Yes, this is expensive, and I'm not saying buy the whole range, but if you want to treat yourself, go ahead this is worth the splurge. 
If you are interested in this lipstick the link is down below for you! Saves hunting it down yourself! 

This is now the end of my blog post, I do hope you enjoyed the read, these lipsticks are worth the hype. There are plenty of other shades if this one isn't for you. 
If you want to see more first impressions, please do let me know! I do have another blog post coming out tomorrow, stay tuned for that!
Have a lovely day! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! :) x x x 

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Thursday, 22 February 2018



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Good afternoon Little Ones! Today is a new day, and I've decided to talk you through one of my favourite make-up looks, I have no idea how this is going to work, seeing as you can't hear or see me; but let's give it a go. For my fellow readers out there, you are in for a treat! Besides, this has been highly requested for some time.
Without any further or do, let's roll on my first make-up tutorial, reading edition!

Firstly, as always I turned my face into the perfect canvas, by removing all dead-skin with my ever so trusted Clearasil exfoliation pads ... Who wants to apply foundation to the Sahara desert? Not the look I'm going for, to ensure that moisture was pumped back into my system I used my beloved moisturiser-Origins Make A Difference Plus Ultra-Rich Cream. Wow, that's sounds like a mouthful.
Now you know I've actually put effort into my skincare routine to ensure my make-up looks flawless, let's dive into the make-up side of things. 



Little Ones, I can't emphasis this enough, believe me I used to think primer was a useless step and a waste of money, but this makes all the difference to adding hydration to the skin, and ensuring my make-up stays put all day. 
This glides onto my skin effortlessly, as well as hydrating my skin, diminishing all the dry patches. On a daily basis I apply this product after my moisturiser, and focus on my dry patches, being: forehead, nose and cheeks. 


Normally I tend to stay away from drug-store foundations as they can never nail my shade, it's always far too dark, or orange, neither of which I'm content with; last time I checked I wasn't auditioning for an Oompa Loompa role for Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. But, Maybelline managed to near enough create an almost perfect shade! It's slightly too dark, but with concealer it tones it down, the average person wouldn't even notice. The coverage and finish is beautiful! I tend to apply this foundation with a beauty blender, I use as much as I see fit and blend it out until I'm happy with the way it looks.


Next up is my precious concealer by Maybelline, I've been testing a few drug-store concealers and this one is beyond my favourite. The coverage and finish is phenomenal, it blends like a dream, and matches with every foundation in my collection; high-end and drug-store. 
I apply this under my eyes, forehead and chin, anywhere I want to add dimension to my face, I place it there and blend it out with my trusty beauty blender. 



Look what we have here ... My most used, (and favourite powder), if you have dry skin this has become your new best-friend. I use this to set my concealer and foundation, I bake underneath my eyes, as well as lightly tapping the remainder of the product over the rest of my face.
The Chanel loose power is a dream to work with, smooth in texture without feeling chalky on the skin, which is why it's perfect for dryer skin.


To be able to give the appearance that I'm not dying, I use my Benefit hoola bronzer, ever since I discovered make-up, this has been my go-to bronzer. I've tried others in the past, but nothing compares to this beauty. I lightly apply this to my: forehead, cheekbones, jaw and neck. When I'm happy with the application, I take a contour brush, and directly apply it to my cheekbones and jaw; just to make them more defined. 


Before I get judged ... I know it's a blush palette, but the golden shade is the perfect highlighter, it gives such a sensational subtle glow, I adore it. So we've all established that I use the golden shade for highlighter, but I also use the rose-gold shade for blush. Sometimes I use orgasm by Nars, but lately I've been obsessed with this product. In terms of application I use my blush brush for you guessed it ... Blush, and my highlighter brush for ... Highlighter!


I've finally started to use mascara on a regular basis, take me to the promised land! I've been trying to find a great mascara for years, after spending a stupid amount of money I gave up. Until social media forced me to believe that I needed sensational lashes ... So I branched out and tried this, It does such a fantastic job, gives me so much length, and even holds a subtle curl, (which I never knew I had). 
On the other hand, I also used the L'Oreal Super Slim Liner in black, this idiot forgot to take a picture, but I've always used this liner to create the perfect cat-eye.



We all know I no stranger to a red lip ... I used to be extremely intimidated by the thought of wearing red lipstick, maybe because of the negative connotations, and being bullied at school, (didn't help). Since having a massive lipstick collection I love experimenting with both, high-end and drug-store lip products. I just no happened to stumble across the relatively new Gigi Hadid collection. I adore this shade, it's the perfect red in my opinion, if I can rock it anyone can! Although, be careful with the lip-liner, it crumples away at times, (really annoying), but be careful with application. 

Right now Little Ones, this is now the end of my blog post! If you are interested in any of the products above, I will leave a link below for you all! Saves you lot manual labour. 
If you liked this blog post, then please let me know! It was interesting, due to the fact I couldn't show you how I use these products, if you want to see more of this then let me know!
I hope you have a lovely day, and I will see you tomorrow! Remember to stay safe and stay tuned! 
:) x x x


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